2020 Finals Information

  Our Finals paid out $19,000 in cash and gave away $10,000 worth of awards!  

Here are the results in the categories

Congratulations to our u1000 Champion,


our u3500 Champion, Kristy Clark on JESS A DIAMOND,

our u7500 Champion, Lauren Pai on SMARTYS CHIC,

our Open Champion, Deeana Horner on JW TRAPPER MIKE,

and our Junior Champion, Addison Escobar on ROYAL RAMBLIN ROSE.

Here are the results for the overall 4D

Congratulations to our 1D Champion, Lauren Pai on SMARTYS CHIC,

our 2D Champion, Jennifer Dyer-Tomlin on Shorty,

our 3D Champion, Ashley Cates-Leibbrand on JERRY FAJITA SONITA,

and our 4D Champion, Cherie Radovich on JAMISONS JUICE BAR.

Our 1D weekend winners, (left to right) Deja Vue (2nd), Lauren Pai (1st), and Deeana Horner (2nd).

Congratulations to our Year End Category winners, as well!

u1000 Champion, Ashley Cates-Leibbrand on QUICK CASH CAPONE,

u3500 Champion, Noel Cosca on WOOD BUZZ FOR CASH,

u7500 Champion, Kathi Terry on HEAVENS LIL PLAYBOY,

Open Champion, Noel Cosca on RED HOT HOWIE,

and Junior Champion, Emma Unruh on LITTLE BUDHA DOLL.