A Brief Overview of the ACBRA

       The ACBRA was formed over 35 years ago, with the thought of creating a barrel racing association that would allow skill levels to compete against similar skill levels.  Prior to this, there were only open jackpots and rodeos that paid money in a straight payout to the top times.  Having an association based on skill levels allowed novice horses and beginning riders a chance to gain experience and increase their abilities on a level playing field.  The ACBRA was created with the thought that each year a member could advance to the next competition level as they improved in the sport of barrel racing.


       Being a non-profit association is what sets the ACBRA apart from other barrel racing associations.  The ACBRA makes money throughout the year from memberships, race profits, and sponsors.  Then all of our net profits are returned to the members at the end of the season in the form of added money and awards at the year-end finals.  Additionally, the members elect their own Board of Directors to run the Association and be able to have a say in how the association is run.


       While all barrel racing associations support and promote the sport of barrel racing, the ACBRA takes great pride in maintaining an association that works for the best interest of the barrel racing competitor and their horse partner.

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